Why out-source your Accounting? Um why not?

The numbers truly speak for themselves here people.

To get a decent accountant with our level of education and skill set as well as experience you would need to offer 20 an hour minimum.  If you wanted a bookkeeper then sure, you could hire someone for 10 an hour but then in the end it would cost you 100 dollars an hour for many hours of cleanup to be done by your CPA or tax preparer.  Why not have your accounting done right the first time?  Do you really have time to answer a bookkeeper and then answer the CPA?  I know I don’t have that much time as a small business owner.  I have been on both sides here too, I ran a retail business 20 years ago more as a hobby but it required good record keeping all the same.  Fortunately I knew the answers so I didn’t have to rely on a bookkeeper or a CPA to do my books.  99 percent of small business owners don’t know accounting.  Why should you?  You are in business, if you wanted to be an accountant you would be one but you aren’t, you are a business person.  You run your business and let me handle the rest.

Check out the cost comparisons on our business website and see for yourself just how much money we can save you by trusting us with your accounting.  Daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly?  No matter.  We can do it all customized to how YOU want it done.


Hopefully you are having a wonderful sales year so far.

Sue Ashe



Attention Ebay Sellers and Online Merchants

Ebay and Paypal reporting can be tricky, cumbersome and just generally a pain to work with.  As a business owner do you really have the time to muddle through all the paperwork?  No, you say?  Perfect.  My staff and I do have the time.  We specialize in messes and love a good challenge.  

We have extensive experience working with the financial reports that come out of Paypal.

Call us today and let’s get you started and on track for the new year with your accounting,