2014 Tax Time is just around the corner… Are you Ready for your CPA or Tax professional?

Yes it’s nearly fall; though it would be hard to tell that fact while living in Phoenix Arizona where it is still 105 degrees during the day.  

What does the fall season mean for the average business owner?  Yep, it means TAXES are going to be a few months away. You need to ask yourself “Are my accounting records in order?  Do I still have all of my bank statements ready to go into Quickbooks but I’ll do it “tomorrow””?  Well folks, tomorrow is NOW or it should be.

Every year my staff and I start getting calls and emails from our website indicating that a business needs to START getting their accounting done for the year.  

The time is now to STOP thinking about getting your accounting up to date and START doing it.  

Hand it all over to a professional before you make a mess of things by trying to do it on your own.

If you are in the Phoenix Metro area please visit our website or send an email directly to me; the owner of MobileAccountantAZ; to go over your needs and setup a time to meet.

The time is now people, lets do this!  



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