Working… working…..working

It’s mid February, which in accountant’s terms, means it’s half way through tax season.  Whoohoo.  

When I started my business 5 years ago it was slow going, one client here and a little there.  A few years ago it exploded through referrals and online advertising that I started doing and this year I am actually turning work away.  

While I don’t actually do taxes (yet, that’s on the plans for next year, Lord help me) I do the cleanups for businesses that have neglected their books and accounting for a year or more.  

It’s amazing to me how companies, no matter how small or large, think that accounting is somehow the last thing that should be on their list of importance.  Not true!  I hear “I can’t afford accounting” “It’s not in my budget” and on and on.  My clients that come to me with nothing done, or worse; a large mess created by a former person that was cheap (you get what you pay for) are finding out that it’s more expensive to let it get to this point and come to me after their books are all in disarray than it would have been if they had just bit the bullet and hired myself and my staff to begin with. 

I always ask a client who balks at our fees “Do you want it done cheap or do you want it done right?”  

So anyway, those are my thoughts for the day of February 13, 2014.  The sun is going to be shining bright here in an hour or so and it’s supposed to make it to the mid 80’s here in the deserts of Phoenix.  But alas, instead of being able to get out and enjoy the sun shine I will be stuck in my home office working away to meet the deadlines of a lot of businesses that need to get their taxes done.

Have a great day all and if you are in the Phoenix Metro area and need some accounting work done please check us out at

“Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their butts and do anything to make it happen.”