Accounting still in shoeboxes and plastic bags? Accounting reasonably done. Phoenix Metro Valley Wide

If you are like some business owners you put your receipts and bank statements off to the side as you get them telling yourself “I’ll get to that tomorrow” (or next week, month) then all of a sudden here you are; getting ready to file your business taxes and those receipts and bank statements are all still sitting there untouched and unorganized.  Sound familiar?  Yeah I kinda of thought so.  

That’s where it’s crucial to have ongoing monthly accounting done, weekly even.  If you think you cannot afford monthly accounting, think again.  You really can’t afford NOT to have your accounting kept up to date.  First off if you have to make your own regular deposits for your taxes how can you possibly know how much income you have if you don’t have it all organized?  The simple truth is that you are just guessing at it.  Guessing is bad.  Yep repeat after me GUESSING IS BAD!  

The average small business client that I have can pay 300 – 600 a month in fees to me.  Think about those numbers for a second.  Even at the high end that’s a little over 7,000.00 for a year of accounting and financial well being.  If you hire anyone part time on your own payroll you will have to pay their employment taxes, medicare, social security, workers compensation insurance as well as provide them with a place to work.  That all adds up to far more than 7,000.00.  Hire my firm and you pay our business, no taxes, no insurance, and no overhead.  Best of all you don’t get bogged down with daily questions.  We keep all of the questions to a minimum and email once a week or month to clean up anything that we might be unsure of during the month.  You will still have a good bank balance, all of your Accounts Payable bills paid and up to date as well as a good picture of your Accounts Receivable and cash flow for budgeting purposes.

Need to finally get those receipts and bank statements organized?  No problem.  


Check out our website TODAY at and make an appointment with a dependable and efficient group of accountants.  


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