Dreading tax season? Who doesn’t?

Yep it’s that time of year again folks.  April 15th will be here before you know it.  I don’t do personal or business tax returns but my business is that I get small to medium sized businesses ready with up to date, accurate and understandable financial reports.  I usually take a shoebox or paper bag and work all of the income and expenses up for the small to medium sized business owners that haven’t touched their accounting for the prior year.  If the clients have Quickbooks already, great, I clean it all up and make sure they have all of their transactions entered properly.  Refer back to an earlier blog I posted on some items that are helpful to get your accountant on the right track to get you to the point that you can walk in to your CPA or Tax Preparer’s office with confidence and let them work up your tax return,  Why have an accountant do that part of it?  Money of course.  If you take that same shoebox and bag of receipts into a CPA’s office you will get nailed with 100 an hour for simple data entry.  The CPA will hand the data entry job to a low level “bookkeeper” who they pay 10 an hour but still bill you for 100 or more per hour.  THEN you will also get charged for the full price of 1,000 or more to actually do the tax returns.  Are you adding all of that up on your calculator?  Kind of pricey huh?  The average small business has two business accounts, one for savings and one for checking, they also might have a credit card or two and / or a line of credit..  Loans on top of that list?  Yikes you are looking at a ton of hours spent just to enter and reconcile all of your transactions by hand.  Luckily for you, MobileAccountantAZ has the programs that will automate most of that work.  Yep I have a program that I purchased years ago that literally shaves hours off of data entry.  (Sorry can’t tell you what the program is since I own the program and it was developed especially for me – don’t want to give away any trade secrets right?) 🙂

Soooo by going with the staff of accountants at MobileAccountantAZ you will save the hours and hours of hand data entry, get accurate and dependable income and balance sheets at a fraction of the cost of the CPA.  When you go into your CPA’s office they will not be happy that you used an accountant at a fraction of their cost but that’s not your problem is it?  Nope, it’s called good business sense.

So think of MobileAccountantAZ when you are making the decision to finally get all of your accounting cleaned up or caught up

In the meantime here is a little light reading for you to check out; my blog showing what we will need (by no means is this list inclusive of everything needed, it is merely a general overview.  Every business is different in what will be needed)


Have a wonderful business day full of success and happiness ya hear?


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