Happy 2014 from MobileAccountantAZ

Happy New Year!  Sue Ashe here.  Yeah I know, who is Sue Ashe?

Well I am the Owner of MobileAccountantAZ, an accounting business based out of Mesa AZ and serving the Phoenix AZ Metro small to medium businesses.  Our Website can be found at http://www.mobileaccountantaz.com and our email address to contact us for all of your financial needs is Sue@mobileaccountantaz.com

With over 30 years of Senior Level Management Accounting experience with two major globally known corporations I started MobileAccountantAZ in 2007 to work exclusively with the every day business owner.

In honor of starting fresh with a New Year I have decided to start fresh with this blog, hopefully with some helpful tips and tricks or advice geared towards the small business owner.

Well it’s time to start a new year and if you are like most small business owners your mind is starting to drift to the subject of taxes. Lions and Tiger and Taxes OH MY!  (Right?)

Does tax time bring fear to you?  Are your books a mess?  Is everything in a shoebox or plastic bags and just something you keep walking by or stepping over and look at thinking “Yeah I have to deal with that soon” but then you keep walking?

You aren’t alone.

Your financials are an integral part of your business.  Without a good financial structure no small business will ever have any idea of where they are with their profit and loss (hopefully it’s always a profit of course)

Check back here weekly for tips and tricks, checklists and musings of a stressed out accountant.


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